«Fast nichts ist keine Vagina»

Laurien Gschwend, 20. März 2016, 19:31 Uhr
Kaffeebohne oder Vagina? Das ist hier die Frage.
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Zwei US-Amerikanerinnen begeistern fast 75'000 Menschen auf Instagram. Mit einem Profil, das Alltagsgegenstände, Tiere und Lebensmittel in der Form des weiblichen Geschlechtsteils zeigt.

Einen Instagram-Account führen kann heutzutage jeder. Möchte man viele Follower erreichen, gilt die Devise, aus der Masse herauszustechen. Diesen Gedanken hatten auch die beiden US-Amerikanerinnen Eva Sealove und Chelsea Jones - und gründeten vor zwei Jahren das Profil Look At This Pussy.

Für die Betreiberinnen des Fototagebuchs gibt es nichts, das nicht einer Vagina gleichen könnte.

Ravioli sehen demnach aus wie das weibliche Geschlechtsteil...

  ...aber auch Toiletten haben ihre Ähnlichkeit mit Scheiden.      

Sometime, shit ends. Shit over. End of shit. And when l-o-v-e-e-e ends, there's a particular type of panic that sharts from the bosom of both penip ppl and pussy ppl originating (albeit irrationally, perhaps) from a fear of mortality (probably); u now have a v TRAGIC and finite way of measuring the way time is passing, and then you're just drenched in ur own fear-shit, nostalgia-shit and general self-pity-and-loneliness shit and walking around with a crusty shit layer. You're 100% entitled to this shit layer. Being sad is Beautiful and Important and it's one of the richly-saturated experiences of your life. If you've loved someone, u get to hold that forever and wish them nothing but the very best. (*listens to Lana Del Rey once*) But if u are rotting under the shit layer, consider that at a certain point, it's time to cleanse yourself in a spiritual bidet called «closure» which is a gift u can actually give to yourself without the permission of ur former luvr or anyone else for that matter. Place some vanilla diffuser sticks from heaven on the porcelain mantle of your soul and give urself the gift of picking ~~peace~~ 2day @max_varady Ein von look at this pussy (@look_at_this_pusssy) gepostetes Foto am

Mit etwas Vorstellungskraft kann man auch in Tiermäulern Vaginas entdecken.

  Oder in einem simplen Rüebli.    

Alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright now Ladies don't always have a pussu and Men not always have a penip. Biological sex, gender and sexuality are 3 distinct categories. Do u have questions about this? For cis female, gender IS enacted conjunct biology and yes, «difference» (from cis male) and relative «sameness» (to other cis females) can be found in evidence on the body itself. This is an experience that the authors of LATP are native to (ya.....we not dudes u guys lol) and this type of embodiment is unique to «the cis experience.» To Look At This Pussy and to *bikini* wax fuckin poetic about it is not done with the intention of excluding trans bodies from the equation (or «the trans experience» which includes radical introspection, honesty, transformation, violence, bravery, etc.)-- ur soul doesn't live in ur pussy and identifying as a Woman-Human is not contingent upon being born w pussy duhhhhhhhhhh @annepolitsch Ein von look at this pussy (@look_at_this_pusssy) gepostetes Foto am

Ob die Instagrammerinen ihre Servietten jeweils in der Form ihres Geschlechtsteils formen?

  Auch in einem aufgeplatzten Kissen lässt sich mehr sehen, als eigentlich da ist.    

she's a cloud; she's filled with secrets, almost all of them soft. whisper her name Ein von look at this pussy (@look_at_this_pusssy) gepostetes Foto am

Vaginas können extrem glamourös sein.

U know when u feel literally this good and u take a selfie and it looks literally this good and u just stare into ur own eyes like I'm a DIAMOND. Same. Do a selfie if u feel good; do a selfie if u are relaxed. Remember that there can be a fine line aesthetically between pandering to «the male gaze» and true self- expression; also remember that @instagram is an identity platform so everyone is seeking to represent themselves in the best possible light and not all of it is necessarily «real» (although there is also an increasingly fine line here and celebrating someone's self-projected fantasy-identity is also valid brb considering this forever) so try being #thoughtful when u share or consume selfies also how wild is it that the selfie is an institution to the point that the new iPhone software sorts your selfies into an album? Literally who would we be without the implementation of the forward facing camera? But also u look fucking great rn @Adaywithoutsoup

Ein von look at this pussy (@look_at_this_pusssy) gepostetes Foto am

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